FAQs - Q 7

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What modes of delivery does VMEdu LMS provide for my courses?

Once your course is approved, VMEdu provides you the following modes of delivery to run your course:

  • Website—VMEdu Course Builder will provide you an HTML file with a few lines of code that can be added to your website within minutes. This will allow your students to run courses on your website. There is no cost associated with setting up your course in your website, and VMEdu’s state-of-the-art cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) takes care of this on the backend.
  • Mobile App—VMEdu will create the best-in-industry mobile app for your company with your company name and logo. Once this app is built, it will be downloadable from the Google Play Store (for Android Apps) or the Apple App Store (for IOS Apps) and used by your students to experience all of your courses on their mobile devices. This will provide the flexibility your students need to study anywhere at any time. You do not need to be involved with any IT development or setup for this activity. If your course content has more than 60 minutes of video, VMEdu will cover all expenses related to creating, maintaining and upgrading your mobile app in an Android version. If your course content has less than 60 minutes of videos, VMEdu will provide you this facility at an additional cost of $250 for the Android mobile app. All V.A.C.P.s have to pay $ 250 for each IOS mobile app (which will run on all Apple iPhones). Also note that there will be no yearly maintenance fees for V.A.C.P.s who have more than 150 enrolled students in a year; otherwise a maintenance fee of $ 150 will be charged for each mobile app at end of each year.
  • Physical or Virtual Instructor-Led Classes: Some high quality courses from some V.A.C.P.s may be selected by VMEdu, Inc. and VMEdu, Inc. will work with such V.A.C.P.s to create classroom study materials which can be used to teach physical or virtual instructor-led classes.

Students will have the ability to track progress and percentage completion for different course modules and determine improvement opportunities as they study through website or mobile app.