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ATP Benefits

Best Student Experience – Online, Mobile and Classes

The VMEdu Cloud Learning Management System (LMS) is one of the best adult learning platforms globally. It has been built over a period of 7 years, with millions of dollars of investment and tested thoroughly by launching multiple courses and websites, which have now become global leaders in their fields. View Sample courses hosted using VMEdu LMS. Using the VMEdu LMS allows V.A.T.P.s to offer their courses on their own websites or through their own mobile apps. VMEdu also supports physical classroom training options for some high-demand courses. Moreover, VMEdu’s strong back–end capabilities help our partners easily manage their relationships and training requirements with VMEdu Inc. VMEdu LMS is hosted in a very scalable cloud infrastructure; and already hosts hundreds of courses, with more than 50,000 learning resources including videos, questions, case studies, simulated exams, flashcards, study guides and more. You can join for free and launch your free course in few a minutes on your own website.

Zero Setup and Maintenance Costs – No technical knowledge or infrastructure required

Unlike other traditional LMS platforms, you do not have to pay any licensing fees, buy expensive hardware or hire expensive software professionals to launch your online courses and mobile apps. There are no costs associated with creating or uploading your courses, no upfront fee for including the courses on your website. Unlike traditional LMS platforms which often offer negligible support for mobile apps, VMEdu creates best-in-the-industry mobile apps at zero-cost for Android Phones (you must have at least one hour of video courses uploaded) and $ 250 for iPhones. You will save more than 90% of your current LMS expenses by using VMEdu LMS – and also have significantly more capabilities than those offered by traditional LMS platforms. Sign up for free.

Additional Revenues – Courses can be sold to VMEdu partner network of 1100+ V.A.T.P.s

Courses created by our partners can be made available and sold through our fast-growing partner network of 1100+ Authorized Training Partners (A.T.P.s) in 50+ countries. Courses can then be available to an extensive network of companies, colleges, universities, training companies and individual trainers/experts. No other traditional LMS platform helps you with customer acquisition.

Partner with the leader

VMEdu is a global leader in adult education through its multiple brands and partner ecosystem. We have taught more than 500,000 students from 150 countries and 3,500+ companies; and have an extensive V.A.T.P. partner network of 1100+ partners in 50+ countries.