V.A.T.P. or V.A.C.P.


The V.A.C.P. (VMEdu® Authorized Content Partner) program will benefit any organization or person who has created courses related to any field of adult learning in any language; or is using another Learning Management System (LMS) to host the courses. However, V.A.C.P.s do not get access to other courses uploaded in the VMEdu partner network; cannot teach subjects for which VMEdu is the Accreditation Body such as Sales and Marketing(SMstudy.com); Scrum and Agile(SCRUMstudy.com); and Six Sigma (6sigmastudy.com); cannot use course discounts that are available to VMEdu A.T.P.s; or join any Train the Trainer sessions conducted by VMEdu Inc. There is no approval process for a V.A.C.P. and there are no fees for joining as a V.A.C.P.

The V.A.T.P. (VMEdu® Authroized Training Partner) program will benefit any organization that has students or employees in the adult learning field - such as corporates, colleges or universities, training companies, and individual trainers. VMEdu A.T.P.s can access and teach all courses available in the VMEdu partner network including exclusive content available through VMEdu accreditation bodies such as SMstudy, SCRUMstudy, 6sigmastudy and more; and they also get significant discounts on certification exams and courses offered through the VMEdu platform, including free Train the Trainer sessions about teaching multiple subjects. V.A.T.P. program also includes all of the benefits provided to V.A.C.P.s – so all V.A.T.P.s can create and host their own courses using the VMEdu Learning Management System. V.A.T.P. applications are subject to VMEdu approval , and there is a joining fee ($ 1,000 for local V.A.T.P.s and $ 1,500 for global V.A.T.P.s) for which redeemable vouchers are provided by VMEdu, Inc.