FAQs - Q 24

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How does VMEdu help me in customer acquisition?

VMEdu has a huge partner network of 1100+ VMEdu Authorized Training Partners (V.A.T.P.s) in 50+ countries. VMEdu provides you with an option to allow your course to be sold by this global network of partners. You may select to allow your courses to be made available to V.A.T.P.s at any price that you want to sell your courses. This will help you reach out to a huge network of corporations, colleges, universities, training companies and individual trainers. This helps you significantly increase your reach, get additional customers and earn greater revenues. If your course relates to Sales and Marketing, you may also decide to sell it through SMstudy.com. SMstudy is the Global Accreditation body for Sales and Marketing certifications—and you get paid $1 per student per month for students accessing the course on SMstudy.