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  Guiding Principles
These Guiding Principles have shaped the creation and evolution of VMEdu Learning Platform over past 6 years.

The four guiding principles are Quality, Cost, Scalability and Flexibility.


VMEdu offers good quality amongst competitors along two parameters:
  1. Good Quality courseware: Includes great quality content creation, continuous improvement, faculty training and improvement, feedback loops from student etc. measured using success rates, money back guarantee policies, qualitative and quantitative feedback from students.
  2. Good Quality content delivery:Content delivery through interactive websites, branding, trained faculty, real-life simulation tests and different format of guides.

VMEdu offers lowest cost courses and has been measured by comparing with equivalent courses offered by other providers. The lowest cost advantage is offered by improved processes, automation, economies of scale, global delivery model, analytics, building strong interfaces with partners including faculty and service providers, and appropriate information dissemination to each partner.


VMEdu offers highest flexibility and has been measured by the customization of the courses for each market, product and every student.
  1. Market driven flexibility: Different terms and conditions, contact information, customer support, language websites etc. for each country e.g. check out (US website), (UK website), (India website), (Germany website). Our offerings are continually being improved to deliver choice and flexibility in technology and learning
  2. Product driven flexibility:The platform has the ability to support different types of products e.g. online only courses (e.g., classroom only programs (e.g. and complex courses with combination of online/classroom modules with different features for each market (e.g.
  3. Student driven flexibility:Ability to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each student and help them with improving their weak areas. Also able to meet different student learning styles e.g. the same course can satisfy students who are more comfortable with online, classroom, audio training etc.

VMEdu offers a scalable platform and has been measured by the global reach of the courses vis--vis other competitors. We deploy top-tier industry best practices to provide scalability and security.
Our platform has provided the ability to make localized course providers scalable to global levels. Scalability of the courses launched on VMEdu Leaning Platform Creation is facilitated through creation of a global back office solution to target different markets, different partners and service providers in each market, setting up offices in several countries with the backend support and services to launch courses in multiple markets, creating courseware specific to each country, translation to multiple languages etc.